Marietta Community Foundation Welcomes Mason Beuhring to Our Team!


In the past several years the Marietta Community Foundation has been able to achieve a growth unprecedented in our 45 year history. Because of our community’s generosity, we have been able to meet the needs of our community more efficiently and at higher rates.

With this accomplishment and for this pattern to continue, The Foundation and its Board of Directors recognized the need to expand its staff. We are proud and excited to welcome Mason Beuhring as our new Communications and Program Services Director.

“I am so excited and thankful for this position.” Mason said, “I love helping others and being active in my community. To be in a position where I can equip and assist others to do the same is a great privilege.”

Mason was born and raised in Huntington, WV. In December, 2014 he graduated from Marshall University with a Bachelors of Arts in Public Relations and a Minor in Marketing. He is continuing his education through Liberty University online, where he has started a Masters of Arts in Visual Communication.

While attending Marshall University in his undergrad, Mason, met his wife, Bethany, during his Sophomore year, her Freshman. The two would later get married while finishing up their undergrad degrees.

Bethany would go on to continue her educational career by completing a Masters in Athletic Training. In 2017, the couple welcomed their identical twin boys into the world: Gideon Beuhring and Judah Beuhring.

“I thought finding out Bethany was pregnant was a huge surprise,” said Mason,” but it was nothing compared to a week later when the doctor told Bethany that ‘there are two in there!’ I immediately started laughing, because we had joked at the possibility of twins on our way to the ultrasound… it was dramatic irony at its finest.”

Though the birth of their sons caught them off guard, the couple was thrilled… scared, but thrilled. With such a dramatic shift in their lives, the couple began to make plans, seek counsel, and rethink everything.

“For a long time I actually wanted to be a full-time vocational pastor. It’s actually what led me into the Communications field as a matter of fact. But, when Bethany found out she was pregnant with our boys, we had to rethink our entire life plan,” laughed Mason, “Eventually our new path led us to this area.”

Before moving to the area, Mason served at a church formerly called Marshall Community Fellowship as a Collegiate Ministry Intern. There he built strong relationships in the community and established a mentorship network with a local inner-city elementary school.

“Partnering with that Elementary school was an amazing experience, and I am proud to say years later it still continues! That experience taught me the true value of community engagement. I am excited to bring that energy and knowledge to this new position at the foundation. Plus, I thought it was a bit providential that Marietta Community Foundation had the same initials as Marshall Community Fellowship,” laughed Mason.

“One aspect of this job, at The Foundation, that excites me most is being able to go home and be proud of the work I am doing. I am excited to use my career as a teaching opportunity for my sons. I want to show them the importance of using our individual gifts, skills, and abilities for the betterment of others.”

Mason’s background includes a strong skillset in Graphic Design, Marketing, Verbal and Written Communication, Sales, and Relationship Building. Previously, he has worked Outside Sales and Marketing for The Workingman’s Store, Admissions Manager and Associate Director of Marketing at Ohio Valley University, and has freelanced for various institutions including Stonewall Group Retail Marketing.

He currently assists with the youth group, organizes the Small Group Bible Study Ministry, and serves as a Deacon at Vienna Baptist Church.

Mason claims that although he is a West Virginia boy at heart, he can’t wait to serve the Washington county area with the same vigor as he would his home state.

Mason Beuhring can be contacted at or 740-373-3286