Friends of the Foundation

The Marietta Community Foundation strives to fulfill the area's greatest needs through a diversity of initiatives and flexibility of giving. We try hard to give you the greatest level of choice in both the causes you support and the ways in which you contribute. Though this is evident in all that we do, we are unique when compared to other foundations in how we execute this flexibility.

Through dedication to attribute your entire donation towards your chosen initiative, we do not assess any fees. While the majority of non-profits do so in order to cover overhead expenses, the Marietta Community Foundation has an alternative system that gives you greater choice in supporting the community and the Foundation itself. 

Our Friends of the Foundation Fund goes directly toward the administrative costs of running the Foundation successfully. In using a separate fund for overhead costs, the Foundation ensures more unrestricted funds and specific donations can be used for grant cycles and local needs.

Last year, we welcomed three founding Charter Members to the fund and hope more donors will recognize the vital role this fund plays for our Foundation and our community. Every donation helps us continue to reach community goals year after year. Being able to start at the giving level that fits your comfort level and rise through the ranks to eventually become a platinum member demonstrates the flexibility of philanthropy through the Marietta Community Foundation.

Friends of the Foundation endowment fund


levels of giving

Charter Member* - $250,000
Kay Callihan
Tom Love
Dr. James and Marilyn Mills

Platinum Member** - $250,000

Gold - $150,000

Silver - $75,000
Anonymous Donor

Bronze - $25,000


Sterling - Up to $25,000
Anonymous Donors
Leo and Mary Antons
Artex Oil Company
Sallye Born
William and Bonnie Donnelly
Shirley Duckworth
Eric and Lynn Erb
The Fenton Foundation
William and Prudence Fields
Greg and Alice Greenwood
Dr. G. Whitmore and Dr. Carole Hancock
Ronald and Louise Holmes
Joan Hushion
Paul and Barbara King
Edward and Karen Osborne
Dr. Shane and Tatum Parmer
Gary and Teri Ann Pfeffer
Mr. Karl Reuther and Dr. Gayle Galan
Doug Robinson
Mark and Beth Schwendeman
David and Marcy Wesel
Tag and Dee Wetz
John and Carol Wharff
Frank Williams

  * For donors who sign the Gift Agreement
** For donors whose gifts throughout the years add up to $250,000


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