Grants in Action: Keeping Kids on the Right Path

Over 100 students enjoy a presentation during their lunch.

Over 100 students enjoy a presentation during their lunch.

Washington County, OH – Marietta Community Foundation has the pleasure of supporting local organizations and causes during our annual grant cycles. In 2018 we awarded a number of grants to various organizations who strive to change Washington County for the better. One of these grant recipients has already put their funding to great use.

Right Path is an organization that focuses on promoting healthy youth development by reducing and preventing youth substance abuse and offering community service activities. To accomplish this goal, Right Path offers youth and their families events and activities that drive their overall mission.


“We work to engage youth and give them something positive to do,” said Cathy Harper, Right Path Coordinator for Washington County. “We help them realize that they are all future leaders.”

The Foundation awarded Right Path a grant for a workshop which took place this past Friday: The Young Women and Men of Promise Leadership Workshop. During this workshop young women and men experienced motivational presentations and collaborated with their peers to find means of dealing with current issues they face on a daily basis. They were also given the chance to interact with local community leaders and mentors over the course of the workshop.

While the focus of this event is on leadership, Right Path also wants to show local youth that Washington County is their home and they are valued here.

“We have a disparity in age in this community,” said Cathy, “we want to keep our young people and help them know that they are a part of the community.”

Marietta Community Foundation is a proud supporter of Right Path and the work members of this organization accomplish with local youth. “Right Path does a wonderful job in promoting healthy lifestyles, helping youth establish a foundation of service in Washington County, and equipping our local youth to be leaders,” said Heather Allender, President & CEO of the Foundation. “The activities and events they put on are instrumental in many young lives.”

Marietta Community Foundation supports many causes focused on youth development, if you are interested in partnering with one of these projects, please contact Heather Allender at 740-373-3286 or