Beverly-Waterford Community Pool Receives Grant Funds for Restoration Project

Swimming in cool water during the summer has to be one of the most rewarding and best parts about summertime. If you don’t own your own pool, you’ve probably been to one of the local community pools. Luckily for you, the Village of Beverly was awarded a grant this past fall from the Marietta Community Foundation to revitalize the Beverly-Waterford Community Pool for the summer of 2017.

The Beverly-Waterford Community Pool’s original façade is being restored by reconfiguring the pool entrance and updating the bathroom facilities. This will allow the entrance of the pool to be more accessible and streamline the process of patrons entering the facility. The Beverly-Waterford Pool is excited to bring the building back in line with the original design.

By updating the entrance and bathrooms, this will allow increased safety and security for those trying to get cooled down from the summer sun. It also allows for better oversight of entry fees, making everyone’s time at the pool much more enjoyable.

With this grant, the Beverly-Waterford Community Pool has also purchased and installed a water chemistry controller. With this new controller, less chemicals will be added to the pool, making the pool safer for the environment and its patrons.

Beverly Pool.jpg

The Beverly-Waterford Community Pool will be opening in late May, and are excited to have the community enjoy their experience with the new and updated pool. Amista Lipot, an employee of the Village of Beverly, said that in 2016, “the Beverly-Waterford Community Pool saw a successful 50th year. We believe strongly that the pool is an ongoing public service project that requires public-private partnerships, community support, and some special attention.”

The funds that were given for these improvements were donated from the unrestricted funds of the Marietta Community Foundation. The Foundation looks forward to seeing the community support these upgrades by visiting the Beverly-Waterford Community Pool this summer.