A History of Collaboration

During the 2018 Founders Day Ceremony, Marietta College recognized faculty, staff and community members with a variety of honors and awards. The Marietta Community Foundation was among those recognized, receiving a Linsley Community Partner Organization Award for their continued partnership with the College.

Since its establishment in 1835, Marietta College has been a source of transformation for our city, county, and region. The institution has touched many lives and inspired in its students, graduates, employees, and the community a thirst for knowledge and the drive to make a difference. The Marietta Community Foundation has had the pleasure of partnering with Marietta College for more than 20 years. When the Foundation was reactivated in the mid-90s under the leadership of Robert Kirkbride, Marietta College hosted the Foundation’s office on campus and assisted with administrative needs. Over the years, College leadership, staff and alumni helped the Foundation grow to what is has become today.

“As the school creates new generations of leaders who go on to shape our nation there exists a partnership with the community that extends beyond Washington County,” said Heather Allender, President and CEO of the Marietta Community Foundation. “As part of a liberal arts education, students are instilled with the importance of philanthropy and its ability to address community needs and achieve a better tomorrow for all. This notion represents a shared mission between the College and the Marietta Community Foundation.”

President Ruud presenting the Linsley Community Partner Award to Heather Allender, CEO

President Ruud presenting the Linsley Community Partner Award to Heather Allender, CEO

Since 1995, the Foundation has worked with the College to award more than $465,000 in grants and donor advised donations to college programs and projects. Through designated funds like the Anonymous Charitable Lead Trust and the Snediker Funds, annual gifts to the college are made each year. Through Donors Advised and Unrestricted Funds, the Foundation has contributed to a number of major projects, such as the construction of the Planetarium and the renovation of Don Drumm Stadium, as well as programs like the Pay It Forward Program and Nonprofits LEAD.

“The Foundation believes in the importance of supporting the development of our local nonprofit community as well as the building of relationships between students and community leaders,” said Karen Osborne, Treasurer and Marietta Community Foundation Board Member. “We are proud to support projects and programs for the College’s staff, students and other educators that enrich our entire community.”

Last year, the Foundation partnered with Marietta College to help fund the purchase of American Flags to hang throughout Downtown Marietta thanks to generous alumni. This year, grants include the award for the Jr. PioPitch Competition for area high school students, encouraging entrepreneurialism and creative problem solving. As this partnership grows, the Foundation and its donors look forward to finding new ways to contribute to projects that enhance our local educational and cultural assets.

“We hope to continue to work together to grow a more vibrant and sustainable community that consists of the college and all areas of the Mid-Ohio Valley,” said Allender. “We know Marietta has a bright future, made brighter when we come together for the good of all.”