Frequently Asked...

How does Marietta Community Foundation assist professional advisors?

We work through you. You stay in control of your client relationships—we’re here to help you serve your clients’ charitable giving needs.

We are knowledgeable about our community. Our staff monitors all areas of community need—including human services, education, the environment, health care, the arts, and economic development. We can help your clients learn more about local agencies and programs that make a difference in the areas they care about most.

We help your clients who may donate a variety of assets. These might include cash, appreciated securities, retirement funds, life insurance, and real estate.

By partnering with us, you may be able to help your clients increase their current income, increase their beneficiaries’ inheritance, leave a legacy in the community, and teach their children about philanthropy.


What is a community foundation?

A community foundation is a collection of charitable endowed funds established by individuals, families, businesses, and organizations. Using these endowed funds, community foundations make grants to nonprofit 501(c)(3) organizations within a defined geographic area.

Why should you talk to your clients about charitable giving?

Some advisors are reluctant to begin a charitable giving conversation with their client, and may be concerned about appearing to make a values judgment, especially if the client has not expressed charitable intentions. However, by not broaching the subject of charitable giving, a significant opportunity may be lost for your client and the community. In fact, many individuals expect their professional advisors to bring up the subject, and assume charitable giving is not an option if the subject is not raised.

How can I recommend charitable giving without recommending specific causes or organizations?

Professional advisors are often faced with a delicate dilemma: you want to discuss the many benefits of charitable giving with your clients, but you want to avoid recommending specific charitable causes or organizations. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution. Talk to your clients about giving through Marietta Community Foundation. Our staff is knowledgeable regarding local nonprofit agencies and the needs of our community.  Our staff will meet with you and your clients to help determine the options for giving which best fit their unique interests.


How is the Community Foundation different from the commercial gift funds like Fidelity?

While the funds available through some of the major commercial institutions offer the same tax deductibility as a fund at Marietta Community Foundation, our funds are relationship and service-based. With our knowledge, we make donors aware of local needs and local opportunities, enabling us to create giving strategies that reflect our donors’ unique interests. In contrast, commercial funds are transaction-based.  The commercial institution cannot provide guidance or insight into our community, its needs, or nonprofit leaders.  Additionally, the fees charged against these commercial funds do not support our community. Marietta Community Foundation charges no fees.


What is the minimum gift amount required to establish an endowment fund?

The minimum gift amount is $2,500, which the donor must maintain during the lifetime of the fund.


Are there any fees charged for Community Foundation services?

Marietta Community Foundation is one of less than 1% of community foundations that charge no administrative fee. We are a nonprofit and incur operating expenses, so we encourage our donors to make gifts to our Friends of the Foundation Endowment Fund. This fund provides support to the Foundation so it can continue the gift of charging no fees.


What is the advantage of the Community Foundation over a private foundation?

A fund at Marietta Community Foundation is less costly to establish than a private foundation, in terms of both time and money. Our staff can help your clients establish a fund in a day and handle all the administrative details. Establishing a private foundation can take months or longer, and the private foundation then becomes responsible for substantial legal, accounting, and operational matters.


What if my clients want to keep this private?

Marietta Community Foundation respects requests for anonymity. If your clients wish their fund to remain anonymous, they may designate it accordingly. They may also indicate if they would like for all or occasional grant distributions from their fund to be anonymous on their fund agreements.


Can someone from Marietta Community Foundation come to my office for a presentation with my associates?

Our staff will be happy to arrange a time for conversation with you, your clients, and/or associates. Contact our office at 740-373-3286.