Our History

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where it all began

The Marietta Community Foundation was founded in 1974 and headed by the late Carl L. Broughton. The Foundation became relatively dormant before being reactivated in 1992 through a sizable gift from two former Marietta residents, Mary Carolyn McCoy Mildren and William E. Mildren Sr. They established a trust in memory of their late parents to be used as a challenge grant encouraging community leader Robert E. Kirkbride to revitalize the Foundation.



Under Kirkbride's supervision, a new Board of Governors was formed. In 1995, the Foundation received a bequest of $2.4 million from the late Lillian Strecker Smith. Although the J. Frank and Lillian S. Smith gift was unrestricted, it came with a strong directive that the Foundation focus on the needs of the elderly in the community as well as St. Mary's Catholic Parish and Marietta College. This exceptionally generous gift, along with many others to follow, provided the Foundation with unrestricted resources that makes it the envy of small community foundations everywhere. It also allows the Foundation to maintain its commitment of administering more than 370 different funds without charging an administration fee.

Today, the Marietta Community Foundation has grown to more than $21.9 million in assets and oversees more than 370 funds. More importantly, it has also distributed more than $16 million to charities in the Mid-Ohio Valley since its creation.


Arlene Archer David C. Barrett*
Ron K. Bishop
Mary S. Broughton
John A. Burnworth*
Cheryl A. Carver Cook
James M. Couts*
Jonathan Dehmlow
William H. Donnelly
Robert E. Evans*
Prudence A. Fields
William A. Fields
Frances B. Flanders
Jean G. Graham*
Ethel S. Guthrie*
Carol A. Gutberlet
Elizabeth L. Hadler*
Charles K. Heckler*

Hubert C. Holland*
Louise Holmes
Joan Hushion
Michael B. Iaderosa
Robert E. Kirkbride
Tawni Love
Jack A. Moberg
Deane H. Northrup, M.D.*
Doug Robinson Mark Schwendeman
Enos L. Singer*
Emmett K. Smelser
Paul T. Theisen
William H. Thompson*
Dee Wetz David A. Whitehead
James R. Williams
Bonnie L. Witten
Teri Ann Zide


Steering Committee

David B. Baker
Carl L. Broughton*
Frances B. Flanders
Elizabeth L. Hadler*
Robert E. Kirkbride
William E. Mildren, Sr.*
Norman J. Murray*
Emmett K. Smelser
Teri Ann Zide

Past Directors (In Order)

Robert E. Kirkbride
Connie Struebing
Carol B. Wharff
Bret Bicoy
Jack Moberg
William H. Thompson*
Carol B. Wharff
Heather Allender