Washington County Harvest of Hope

Washington County Harvest of Hope (HOH) is a faith-based, all-volunteer charity that grows, recovers, and redistributes fresh food free of charge to food pantries and meal-providing family aid organizations in Washington and Wood counties.  


Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Washington-County-Harvest-of-Hope

Donate:     Washington County Harvest of Hope Endowment Fund

Theatre de Jeunesse

Theatre de Jeunesse is a local non-profit theatre arts organization whose mission is to educate high school and early college aged young adults in all areas of the theatre arts, and to endeavor to foster a life-long appreciation of the arts through the production and performance of plays and/or musicals. The organization annually provides a pre-professional quality theatre arts educational and performance opportunity free of charge for Mid-Ohio Valley youth.  This program addresses the underserved situation of many low-income youth by offering young people an opportunity to explore dreams and talents that might not otherwise be financially feasible.  The organization does not own a facility, and staff members reside in several counties in Ohio and West Virginia.  A post office box is rented for project correspondence and rehearsal space is leased in both Wood and Washington counties, so Mid-Ohio Valley young people from both sides of the river can participate and bear transportation costs equally.

The 2014 production will be the Tony Award winning musical classic "Camelot".  See website for April audition dates.

Website: www.theatredejeunesse.org

River Cities Symphony Orchestra

To foster and maintain an organization dedicated to the making of music consonant with the highest aspirations of musical art by creating performances and providing educational programs with the highest level of orchestral music attainable featuring professional musicians from the Mid-Ohio Valley, Southeastern Ohio, and internationally acclaimed soloists.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/rivercitiessymphony

Donate: Gertrude Bigelow Baker Fund for River Cities Symphony

Right Path for Washington County

The mission of The Right Path for Washington County is to promote healthy youth development by reducing and preventing youth substance abuse and by continually building and strengthening our broad-based community coalition to support healthy behavioral choices and reduce the incidence of substance abuse among Washington County youth.


Facebook:   www.facebook.com/pages/The-Right-Path-for-Washington-County

Donate:       Right Path for Washington County Fund

Mid-Ohio Valley Multicultural Festival

The goal of the MOVMCF is to highlight a variety of cultural and ethnic groups, showcasing artistic performances of traditional music and dance.


Website:     www.movmcf.org
Facebook:  www.facebook.com/MOVMCF

Marietta Soccer League

The goals of the Marietta Soccer League:

A. To give every child a chance to experience soccer -fun and excitement that occurs only in a soccer match.

B. To help every child appreciate soccer as the RULES OF THE GAME intended to encourage sportsmanship, good manners, self-discipline, and a healthy team attitude.

C. To provide every child the opportunity to develop and acquire the motor and mental skills required to play soccer.

D. To encourage every child to have fun while developing these motor and mental skills.

E. To give every child experience of playing for several different qualified coaches that promotes the program philosophy of team effort and total participation, rather than for coaches that win every game.

Website: www.mariettasoccer.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MariettaSoccerLeague

Donate: Marietta Soccer League Fund

Marietta Family YMCA

The Marietta Family YMCA is dedicated to building strong kids, strong families, and strong communities

Website:     www.mariettaymca.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/MariettaYMCA

Donate:       YMCA Endowment Fund

                   YMCA Facilities Fund

                   Arthur & Paul Daniels Fund for Marietta YMCA


Humane Society of the Ohio Valley

The Humane Society of the Ohio Valley is a non-profit organization whose main purpose is: To prevent cruelty to animals and to relieve their suffering; to extend humane education together with such allied purposes and programs as are consistent with or as may subsequently come into being as a result of amending the charter and/or by-laws of the HSOV; to effect vigilance and inspection when and where warranted concerning the care and treatment of animals in the area served by the HSOV, including cruelty to animals; to give vigorous support for the purpose of improving anti-cruelty and animal control laws; to work toward the solution of overpopulation of animals; to promote and share responsibility for the proper care and placement of animals; and to oppose the release of any animal from public and private animal shelters for the purpose of biomedical research or any other purpose inhumane to animals, and to oppose any measure, administrative or legislative, that would make these practices permissible.

Website: www.hsov.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Humane-Society-of-the-Ohio-Valley

Donate: Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Foundation Fund

             Humane Society of the Ohio Valley New Facilities Fund

             Humane Society of the Ohio Valley Medical Fund

Friends of the Museums

The Friends of the Museums operate the Campus Martius Museum & Ohio River Museum on behalf of the Ohio Historical Society. 

Website: www.campusmartiusmuseum.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/campusmartiusmuseum

Donate: Friends of the Museums Endowment Fund 

Armory Square, Inc.

The purpose is to provide a central location that will meet the social, cultural, educational, and transportation needs of children, adults, and families in the community.




Armory Square will be:

  • A gathering place for community events in the heart of our historic downtown
  • A first class Visitor Welcome Center to help grow the multi-million dollar tourist economy in Marietta and Washington County
  • A transportation hub with public restrooms and access for CABL Bus Lines, Lakefront Bus Line and regional bus service.
  • The preservation and renovation of an iconic historical structure as a permanent legacy to the service of America's brave veterans.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/Armory-Square-Marietta-Ohio

Donate: Armory Square, Inc. Fund