Good Intentions are Where We Begin...

You love this community and want to invest in its future. You want to help others, you have special interests, you want your gift to have maximum impact, and you need a simple way to show your support.

At Marietta Community Foundation we are dedicated to taking your good intentions and putting them into action in a simple, convenient way. The Foundation provides tools that fit your financial situation and tax needs. Our experienced professionals provide expert guidance so that the impact of your generosity will endure for generations to come.

Put Your Good Intentions Into Action         

Six Ways To Provide Ongoing Support.   Most contributions to the Foundation are “unrestricted.” Unrestricted gifts that can be used for a broad range of good works will be invested and distributed at the discretion of the Board of Governors. Often, these funds are needed for immediate assistance to families and organizations in unforeseen situations. Board oversight and accurate reporting are your assurance that every gift is used wisely.

Another vital way to contribute to the Foundation, and, in turn, the community, is to donate to our Friends of the Foundation Fund. This fund goes directly toward the administrative costs of running the Foundation successfully. In using a separate fund for overhead costs, the Foundation ensures more unrestricted funds and specific donations can be used for grant cycles and local needs. Contributing to this fund preserves the Foundation’s services and impact in our area.

If you wish to support a particular cause or want to be a more active participant in your charitable giving, we offer four other types of funds.

Each fund at the Foundation builds your initial donation through managed investment pools. This allows your dollars to keep on giving.

Maximum Tax Benefits.  The IRS recognizes us as an established public charity, so you can earn the maximum deduction at the time of your gift, and can then advise to distribute grants over time allowing you to be more thoughtful about your giving.

Sound Management.   We meet rigorous standards for integrity and accountability through respected, objective evaluators including the national Council on Foundations.

Broad Local Expertise.   We keep ourselves educated on all areas of community need- including the arts, economic development, education, environment, health care, human services and others. Our staff can help you target where your grants will have the greatest impact.

Enduring Impact.   Your gifts to the community have enduring value when channeled through a foundation that has proactively invested more than $16 million back into it over the past four decades. Our permanent endowments will continue to grow and make grants forever.

Perhaps Simplicity is One of Our Most Attractive Benefits

Quick and Convenient. Most funds can be created in one brief meeting. We take care of the legal and accounting requirements and give you quarterly updates.

Personalized and Flexible. You can name your fund or remain anonymous, choose general charitable purposes or very specific ones, donate now or through your estate planning, make modest gifts or large ones, and donate assets ranging from cash to real estate.

Smart and Easy. We facilitate even the most complex forms of giving.

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Take Pride in Your Decision

Marietta Community Foundation was created by a group of individuals who wanted to do some good – and our goals are still that simple.

How can we make Washington County a better place to live? How can we help people who live here help each other? How can we make giving so easy, so effective, so rewarding that everyone who is able to join us, will?

We would love to show you how the Foundation can simplify and enhance your charitable giving.