Companion Groups

The Marietta Community Foundation has overseen the establishment and facilitation of numerous companion groups throughout our long history. While the Foundation gives to the most pressing area needs regardless of focus, our companion groups are formed in response to a targeted need. Their chosen initiative can be anything. Such groups bring together like-minded citizens who can join forces to make a tangible difference in a strategic, concentrated way.

One such group housed by the Foundation brought together more than 200 community members when it formed in 1996. This initial group began the Marietta City Schools Nutrition Program before breaking off into numerous offshoots which then contributed to establishing the Marietta Harbor, the Walking and Bike Trails and the Ely Chapman Education Foundation.

Too often, people take on initiatives alone and are unable to make their desired impact. By starting a companion group under the Foundation's leadership, people gain the best chance to make the most difference. The Foundation provides the tools and guidance needed to start the process by helping to develop committee action items, marketing and communications plans, and grant and fundraising procedures.

Companion Groups through the Marietta Community Foundation benefit from our established 501c3 status where they can house funds quickly and safely. Our existing connections with non-profits and philanthropists further enable these groups to make far reaching contributions.

The Marietta Community Foundation believes that philanthropy starts at any age and is not limited to a specific type of giving. It includes gifts of all kinds, such as time, action, money, and goods, which comprise an interdependent circle of giving that surrounds a community and strengthens it through diversity of support.


Our current companion groups include: