First Unitarian Universalist Development Association Fund

Used to promote the activities and maintenance of the First Unitarian Universalist Society of Marietta.



"MCF has had a very positive impact on the community. For the donors, MCF is an organization they can have confidence in to carry out their legacy instructions. There are a good number of citizens who would like to provide funding to "˜good works" in the community, and MCF provides a convenient vehicle. For the recipients, there is trust in MCF's processes for granting. The grant process is viewed as fair and sensitive to the needs of the community."
-David Ballantyne

Ely Chapman Education Foundation Fund

"I firmly believe in working within a community, using community resources and community people whenever possible."   -Alice Chapman

"I firmly believe in working within a community, using community resources and community people whenever possible."
-Alice Chapman

Provides financial resources to the Ely Chapman Foundation, which, in turn, provides experience-based, individualized, alternative educational programs, utilizing the most current technology in nontraditional classroom settings to students with diverse backgrounds. Programs include Sunshine Learning Station and the Living Rivers Program.



Community 20/20 Fund





The Community 20/20 Fund was established in 2004 to serve the needs of the 20/20 organization in furthering their mission of preserving and enhancing the quality of life of residents of Marietta/Washington County by providing excellence in education, by protecting the environment and promoting the arts. 

Building Bridges to Careers Fund

The Building Bridges to Careers Fund was established to support the Building Bridges to Careers Program of Marietta City Schools. Visit their website to learn more information.


2014-2015 Focus Projects

Family Career Awareness Day: Businesses will showcase career paths/opportunities to 9-12 grade students and parents in the 16 career clusters. This event is scheduled to take place on Saturday November 1, 2014.

BBC PD/Problem Scenario Templates: Businesses and teachers collaborate to create problem scenario templates developed from real world business problems related to specific curriculum. Students will then utilize these scenarios in the classroom. Local teachers are meeting with local business representative during the Education After Hours event to review and finalize PSTs that can be used as a resource for all teachers in the county.

Directory of Community Career Resources: The BBC will Create a Directory of Community Career Resources including businesses and organizations in the county that are willing to provide the time for connecting with students and teachers on the topic of career education.

(MC)2 Science Collaborative Project: This project directly connects teachers to science professors at Marietta College through summer professional development and activities throughout the school year.

Job Shadowing: The BBC Coordinator will facilitate job shadowing placements which allows the student to observe and experience real life work situations. These experiences will assist them in making an informed career decision.

Broughton Nature and Wildlife Education Area Fund

The Broughton Wildlife and Education Area Fund was established to provide support for ongoing improvements, educational activities, environmental study and outreach projects for this community resource for nature lovers which includes, hiking and cross country running trails, disc golf, fishing ponds, habitat observations, picnic areas and shelters.